In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Hand-Me-Downs.”

i am the oldest of 3 daughters. i usually did not have to have hand-me-down clothing the way my sisters were stuck with. sometimes, my mom or grandma would bring home garage sale clothes, but i can only remember wearing those clothes as play clothes. maybe i wouldn’t be caught dead in garage sale clothes.

i want to smile thinking back. i would never have worn used clothing to school. when i became a mom myself, i started frequenting Goodwill and other thrift shops because my own daughter was growing so fast, buying her new clothes would have broke the bank.

I still shop at thrift stores for her. Usually i can find something that still has a lot of wear left. thrift stores are also good for finding great stuff to repurpose for Hallowe’en costumes.

I still have a mental stigma about wearing used clothes. I do buy some clothing items from Ebay, but even those I just wear around the house.

I guess I’m a snob.

I think my sisters did not like to wear hand-me-downs. They had plenty of new stuff too. Clothes were cheaper back then, relatively speaking.

My home is currently cluttered with hand-me-down knick-knacks from deceased relatives. I have been learning to let them go and bless others, little by little.

There is so much sentiment, though, in knick-knacks. i remember certain items and where they sat in my grandma’s house. i wish i could go back in time to see how the item looked one last time.

My mom gives me books that she’s read. I sell them on, or list them on, because she prefers mysteries, and they are not my favorite genre. But they take up space in the house I don’t really have room for.

Maybe that’s why I struggle with hand-me-downs: I don’t have room for the baggage that can come along with such “gifts.”